Frequently Ask Questions

A presale is a type of a sale where a Developer/Builder pre-sells a buyer a property before the property is built.

Many investors and first time home buyers choose to buy a presale home, as they have the opportunity to lock in at today’s pricing while building equity, prior to the completion of the presale

A presale can typically take 2 to 4 years to build/complete.

Buyers also benefit from buying a presale as they are not required to apply/pay for a mortgage, property taxes and maintenance/strata fees, until the presale completes.

An assignment of a presale is when a buyer chooses to sell their presale home prior to completion, due to favourable market conditions, personal change of circumstances or for any reason. In most cases, Developer approval for an assignment is required.

AssignToday is a free real estate listing marketplace for selling and buying assignment presale properties. AssignToday connects prospective buyers to sellers who own presale homes. We specialize in presale assignments only.

Simply register yourself on our website and you can start listing your property at your ease. Our dynamic assignment website guides you through each step, making it quick and easy to list your presale assignment, on

Once your assignment is submitted our team will review your listing and approve it within 24hours. REGISTER NOW

To celebrate the launch of AssignToday, there is no cost to list your presale assignment (for a limited time only). Sellers however pay commission to the buyer’s real estate agent upon a successful sale/completion.

As a seller, you determine how much commission you pay to the buyer’s real estate agent. We recommend paying a market rate commission of 3.22% on the first $100,000 and 1.15% on the balance.

Yes, in most cases the Developer charges either a small % or a flat fee to assign the property. The assignment fee is stated in the presale contract of purchase and sale.

The assignment fee can be paid by either the seller or buyer. It is up to both parties to determine who will pay the assignment fee payable to the Developer.

No, you do not need a Realtor® to list your presale assignment on however, your Realtor® can choose to list your presale on our website on your behalf.

No, you do not need a Realtor®, however a Realtor® can help you process the assignment contract and deal with the Developer.

As a buyer (or buyers realtor agent) you can directly send your inquiry via the contact form on the right hand side of the assignment property information that interests you.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will notify the seller and provide them your contact Information.

An assignor is a person, company or other entity that holds rights to a contract and has the authority to transfer those rights to another person, business or entity known as the assignee.

An assignee is a person, company or other entity to whom a right (contract) is transferred by the person holding such rights (the assignor).